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Our Vision

Vision Statement

The Waverley House vision is to ensure the care we provide makes a difference to the quality of life of our residents. We strive to provide a safe and comfortable Rest Home with unique options that will make the life you want for yourself a reality.


Mission Statement

The Waverley House mission drives us to recognise the value of each resident. We listen closely to our residents to understand their individual needs and limitations. We also welcome Whanau and friends to help us better understand the needs to their loved ones. In doing this, we are able to customise our care to each individual to ensure a well-rounded, high-quality level of care.

This is demonstrated by:

• Providing physical, emotional, and spiritual support for each resident.

• Enabling our Residents to engage with their loved ones by organising morning tea’s and lunches which Whanau and friends are welcome to join.

• Arranging outings, picnics and walks to encourage exploration and connection with the outside world

• Recognising each resident comes from different walks of life, cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs and we strive to ensure their needs are met individually.

• Encouraging a positive work environment where each staff member is valued, respected, and given the opportunity to upskill and develop.

• Strengthening our relationships with the hospitals and DHB to ensure support is there when needed.


Values Statement

The values that drive Waverley House are fundamental in achieving our excellent level of care and in turn allowing our Residents to live their best possible life.

• Respect – Respect in our relationships builds trust, safety, and wellbeing. This is fundamental to making Waverley House an enjoyable place to stay and work.

• Compassion – This is at the heart of our care. We show compassion through our actions and words to our Residents, their Whanau, and our Care team.

• Excellence – We strive daily for excellence in all that we do.

• Leading by Example – Our Management team work to boost staff morale, build trust and respect, foster a positive work culture and drive productivity within the team. Their commitment to the vision encourages a streamlined, quality level of care throughout the Rest Home.

Philosophy of Care

Waverley House is committed to consistently meeting our Residents needs and expectations. and We provide a framework which allows us as an organisation to enhance our Residents quality of life.

We believe we will achieve this by:

• Continually reflecting on our performance and striving to deliver excellent care

• Being flexible in order to respond to our Residents changing needs

• Providing a respectful, positive, compassionate, and caring environment

• Respecting our Residents rights to privacy, dignity, and confidentiality

• Providing social independence and freedom of choice

• Respecting the choices of each Resident

• Providing our residents with a sense of security and comfort

• Ensuring relatives and visitors feel welcome each time they come to the facility

• Providing a variety of activities appropriate to the residents needs and interests

• Ongoing consultation with Residents and/or their Whanau to develop rapport and keep open communication

• Arrange training sessions for our team to continually upskill and equip them to perform their role

• Organised and up to date documentation of facility policies, procedures, processes & best practice principles at all times

• Encouraging Residents, relatives, and staff to provide feedback and/or express concerns so that we can work together towards satisfactory resolutions

• Continuous improvement in all areas of the organisation through a Quality Management System

•  Responsibility of all employees to follow the systems in place and to actively participate in continuous development and improvement of the facility

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